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Hi, I'm Sunita and I'm
Living Life NOFO style.

If you are new here, welcome and pull up a chair.


I created this space to share my journey towards a minimalistic and simpler life in the pursuit of simplified happiness. Hubby and I recently embarked on a new chapter of our life involving moving to the beach and embracing the empty nest after raising our 3 sons. New phase of life brings new challenges and new possibilities, and I am here for it all!


-Things I know about myself-


I consider myself a very good friend and cherish my connections with family and friends. Love surrounding myself with people who inspire me to be a better version of myself every day.

I am a self proclaimed foodie and with my new Alpha- Gal allergy it's been a journey to find a new pathway connecting food is happiness to food is medicine.


I am also learning to accept that deep down inside I am an artist. My current "art" outlet involves watching a daily sunset from the edge of the beach that has without conscious effort become a sacred ritual for me. Taking those few precious minutes a day to appreciate and soak in nature's majesty, fills my soul with immense peace and gratitude. Often times I share my view and random musings  online and am rewarded a second time, by seeing the joy these serene views bring to those who cant be here in person to share it. 


In my post 50 year old wisdom, I am also learning to prioritize self-care. In addition to  this sunset ritual, my intermittent yoga practice, walks around my scenic neighborhood and most recently my latest adventurous experience of polar bear plunges in winter are among some activities that bring me joy. 


This new chapter of my NORTH FORK life has so much to offer and all of me is screaming to grab life by the you know what and LIVE IT !!

You can find me on Fridays co-hosting the NOFO LIVE SHOW, a hyper local podcast about the North Fork. Each week I get to converse with a local fellow small business owner and stay connected to my community in a closer way that enhances my life in more ways than I can count.


I am also proud to serve on the board of  Slow Food East End, a local chapter of a global non profit that began in Rome, in 986 to celebrate and preserve the slower pace of food/life.

I invite you to join me on my ever evolving quest to create the life I want to live, on this slice of paradise that I get to now call home on this serene corner of Long Island. 


​Follow along on my Instagram if you are seeking some beach therapy of your own.



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